The sad side of ‘happy pills’

The sad side of ‘happy pills’
There is so much to worry about most of the time. We may be concerned with the unfair way life treats us on a personal level. We may fret about the state of the environment and the effect it has on our children and us, the deterioration in society’s ethical standards or the widening gap between different sectors of the community.
Money and health problems are perhaps the biggest triggers of stress and anxiety. Even more alarming, stress and anxiety seem to be increasingly affecting children who are under immense pressure to achieve in education, sports and other extracurricular activities, often to satisfy their parents’ ambitions.
Young adults have to cope with career and family pressures and struggle to find the right balance frequently facing a crisis of conscience when they realise they are not succeeding in attaining their priorities.
It is unfortunate when politicians pretend they can help us achieve happiness by merely passing a new law that gives access to ‘happy pills’ that glitzy marketing techniques depict as the solution to our worries. The legalisation of recreational cannabis is an ill-conceived solution that is unlikely to bring about any relief from everyday…
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